JD Forte is a fashion photographer based in Miami, and New York City. 

He grew up in a darkroom, and was trained in photography since the age of 10. Being a fan of each genre of photography, JD initially worked for two National Geographic photographers, before leaving High School. After graduating college from R.I.T., he went to NYC and assisted for some of the fashions busiest photographers, including David Sims, Steven Meisel, and Mariano Vivanco. The distinct combination of training by both Humanitarian Photojournalists, and Fashion Industry Icons has given JD a unique perspective on the way he lenses the world around him. 

JD envisions a fashion industry that develops empathy towards the human condition, and uses its global reach to better/SAVE lives all over the world. One of his goals is to create conscious fashion photography that is aware of the reality and fragility of the human experience. By creating emotionally powerful images, he hopes to spark a new dialogue within the fashion industry and help it become a major entity creating positive change. 


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